Small teams for great results
Here in AP Systems, we feel [that] smaller is better. We specialize in building complex solutions with simple and discrete components, delivering frequently and with a strong focus on automated testing to ensure new features don’t cripple existing ones.

Agile? Yes!

We work with short-term iterations, using strong engineering and planning practices coming from Extreme Programming and Scrum, but we adapt them to the given context without compromising the basic principles of simplicity, feedback and quality.

Platforms? Most!

We work with all Unix variants (including Mac OS) or Microsoft technologies. Besides, we have experience dealing with interoperability between them. We prefer the web, but we build desktop and mobile applications when they are a better option for the goal at hand our achievement.

Languages? Oui!

We code in a variety of programming languages, from ancient Clipper to traditional Java and C#, or hipster Ruby and Python. In all cases, we keep our coding style based on unit and integration tests, constant refactoring and carefully clean code.

Delivery? Tomorrow!

We are strong believers in constant delivery. No matter how long the project is, we build on chunks and constantly show progress to gather feedback from our clients, saving them money by avoiding work on unimportant features, focusing only on the most valuable requirements at any given time.

Environment? Here and there and everywhere!

Our design practices are oriented to keep your options as open as possible, so you can run the solutions we build for you either on your own infrastructure, on ours, or in the cloud. Even better, you can mix and match, leveraging the cost-savings and scalability of the cloud but keeping the safety and privacy of a database running on your premise, for example.

Cases? Many!

  • O.S. del Personal de Dirección de Sanidad Luis Pasteur
  • Casa Hospital San Juan de Dios
  • Casa Nuestra Señora del Pilar
  • Municipalidad de Exaltación de la Cruz
  • Hospital de Capilla del Señor
  • Laindell SRL
  • La Toma SRL
  • Clínica Privada Marañon